A group of skilled professionals who understand how to craft your message to your audience — whether that audience is a group of students, a grant committee or the world beyond MIT


Lawrence Gallagher


Email: ldg@mit.edu

Phone: x3-0544

Jennifer Amaya

Administrative Assistant

Email: amayaj@mit.edu

Phone: x3-5475

Charles Butler

Operations Manager

Email: butlerc@MIT.EDU

Phone: 617-715-2153

Anna Dement

Business Manager

Email: awdement@mit.edu

Phone: 617-452-3157

Jean Dunoyer

Senior Editor

Email: dunoyer@mit.edu

Phone: x3-3071

Joe McMaster

Senior Producer

Email: mcmaster@mit.edu

Phone: x3-6328

Craig Milanesi

Video Production Manager

Email: craze@mit.edu

Phone: x3-7435

Dawn Morton

Operations Coordinator

Email: dmmorton@mit.edu

Phone: x3-7603

Barry Pugatch

Field Production Videographer

Email: bpugatch@mit.edu

Phone: x3-7414

Wesley Isaac Richardson

Field Production Videographer

Email: wrich99@mit.edu

Phone: x3-5475

Meg Rosenburg


Email: mrosenburg@mit.edu

Thomas P. White

Chief Videographer

Email: tpwhite@mit.edu

Phone: x3-7414